Coming through 2019 and heading on into 2020 Closet London were facing a crossroads decision. With their existing platform Magento 1 going end of life mid 2020 they had to make a decision, do they continue with upgrading Magento, or do they switch platforms? Ultimately, they decided to migrate to BigCommerce – and they chose RANDEM to partner for the Migration.

For the last 25 years, Closet London has been a market leader in designing and selling clothing for customers who prefer fit and quality. Their range covers all kinds of dresses, for all sorts of occasions. They are specifically known for their excellent customer experience, culminating in a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot! Through this excellence, they have been able to successfully launch internationally, with those customers now making up 40% of their base.

After signing on with RANDEM and BigCommerce, we launched a beautiful new online store in just eight weeks. BigCommerce helped us work through technical challenges including a complex ERP integration. We could tell RANDEM were thorough in their work and put great effort into meeting all of our must-haves, including ease of checkout, accurate inventory, and site speed.

RANDEM enhanced the overall design of our store, making it look more premium and promoting a certain “newness” we were trying to convey to our customers. We wanted to make sure the site would be compatible with and look just as sleek on mobile, and RANDEM was able to bring our vision to life.

  • 20-percent@2x

    increase in revenue

  • 15-percent@2x

    increase in conversion rate

  • 50-percent@2x

    increase in sales YoY

Our entire mobile presence has had a huge impact on our business. In fact, a mobile user now visits at an average of seven pages per session on BigCommerce versus four pages on Magento. In addition, our sales from mobile devices are up 65% and mobile conversion is up 25% from last year. These insights are a great indicator that taking a mobile-first approach to design has enhanced the overall customer experience on our site.

In achieving a successful migration, we designed and developed an entirely new front end for the website, as well we were required to design and build a very complex ERP Integration. This provided a very unique combination of moving the existing website data, integrating a new platform into an existing ERP all while implementing a new website design and User Experience.

All of this was achieved in just 8 weeks!

This migration and launch have seen huge success! The biggest benefit from this migration has been Mobile users and customers. Since launching the new site Mobile sales are up 65% and Mobile conversion is up 25%.