How RANDEM Group
took XERO Shoes from
Zero to Hero!


Inspired by the feeling of having bare feet on the ground, Xero Shoes was out to make a shoe that mimicked
that feeling. Xero Shoes provides a unique shoe experience across shoes, sandals and boots. They believe
in their product so much, that they even provide a 5,000 mile sole warranty!


Our client loved the Xero Shoes products
and brand so much that they sought
exclusive distribution rights for Australia.


Xero Shoes was already becoming a success in the US since appearing on Shark Tank, however not only did no one know of the brand here in Australia but they also had zero distribution partners and were starting off pure play only.




RANDEM built a new eCommerce website for Xero Shoes which delivered a unique mobile and desktop experience. It was important to future proof the eCommerce platform to keep up with the growth of the business, which is why BigCommerce was the recommended platform for the new Xero Shoes website.

A great looking website is one thing, but what’s the point if no one knows it exists. RANDEM developed a sales plan and set up digital marketing channels to increase brand awareness of Xero Shoes and fast track their success.


1. The first step was to define the brand. What is unique about the business? What does Xero Shoes bring to
the table that their competitors didn’t?

2. Next, we created the buyer personas. Without knowing who the target audience, we couldn’t create an effective digital marketing plan. Using data that was available to
us, we were able to collect information like:

a. Location
b. Age
c. Income
d. Job Title
e. Hobbies and Interests
f. Goals


3. Once we had an understanding of the target audience, we were then able to define the goals we wanted to achieve by using the SMART criteria:

a. Specific
b. Measurable
c. Attainable
d. Relevant
e. Timely


4. We then needed to choose the right digital marketing methods that best suited Xero Shoes and their target audience. We rolled out a strategy across the following verticals:

a. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
b. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
c. Email marketing (EDM)
d. Social media marketing


To compliment the sales plan, RANDEM implemented LiveChat functionality and provided their LiveChat Agents to give insights to drive products in real time, whilst understanding more about the needs and wants of the average Xero Shoes customer.


After implementing the Digital Marketing Strategy and Sales Plan for Xero Shoes,
the impact was immediate.

Within the first 12 months, RANDEM had increased Xero Shoes online sales revenue by 161%, and had increased their Average Order Value by X%

RANDEM handled X number of chats resulting in an increase of X% conversion.


Increase in online sales growth within the first 12 months


More than doubled the amount oforders within a 12 month period


Helped push more than 1,400 orders through the website


Handled X online chats