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Improving Customer Experience and Maximising Sales Opportunities.


Our Mission: Simple online access to a huge range of office supplies delivered with awesome service.


Case Study Detail Case Study Detail


After securing the distribution of a huge diversity of product ranges, Mega struggled with how to correctly engage and serve their disparate B2B and B2C markets, and wound up with more than 7 distinct and unconnected online stores.

This increased overhead costs and multiplied administrative and marketing activites, resulting in the business' reduced effectiveness.

Case  Study Detail Case Study Detail

Also, the variety of technologies used meant that no centralisation of inventory, customer and purchase data was possible.

TODAY, Mega Office Supplies is poised for massive growth. A reinvigorated online store that offers the benchmark in customer experience is just one piece of the pie.

It’s what the customer doesn’t see that really matters. Mega Office Supplies’ customer segmentation, customer engagement, sales forecasting, and business system improvement is now delivering on their eCommerce investment with RANDEM.



After securing the distribution of a huge diversity of product ranges, Mega struggled with how to correctly engage and serve their disparate B2B and B2C markets and wound up with more than 7 distinct and unconnected online stores.

This increased overhead costs and reduced the business’ effectiveness because of the multiplication of administrative and marketing activities.

We continue to work with Mega Office Supplies, implementing their eCommerce solution. The Live Chat function continues to analyse customer feedback, build customer service, and create insights for mega office to better enhance product offering, correct their product data and reduce customer confusion, understand what their customers want, such as faster shipping.

Through Hubspot, we’re improving the marketing automation of the online store. Based on insights from each campaign, we’re segmenting customers further and executing new and relevant campaigns.


We created an engagement plan to migrate each site on a specific date/ time with a different message and call to action based on the customer segmentation that was developed for each site/brand. This resulted in engaging with customers that hadn’t purchased in more than 12 months and re-activating customers.

With the introduction of Hubspot (an enterprise marketing automation tool and Customer Relationship Management tool) we ensured that it was “business as usual” throughout the transition. There was no impact on customer experience, however there was increased customer engagement with active customers responding to calls to action and driving incremental traffic to the site. There were incremental sales from doorman customer groups.

With out Live Chat Online Service managed jointly between Mega Office and RANDEM, it was instantly available and allowed for Live customer support across a 12-hour window.

Customer service satisfaction increased, while customer insights were gathered that shed light on what products customers were looking for and the issues they faced. This feedback was crucial and still is today in helping the business improve its customer service.

Real-time insights RANDEM gains to co-manage Mega Office Supplies’ sales forecasts with a goal of increasing revenue every quarter. By segmenting their customers, we now have the ability to send specific campaigns to their B2B customers, and allow their B2B customer service team to personally email these customers and follow up with them, using one system. Management can now pull reports from across all their channels which makes their sales and service plan decision-making process more data-driven.

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Through one platform we consolidated each of the sites in merging all 7 sites under one banner. Mega Office Supplies could now better serve and manage their market with customers being better served. 

Through the powerful eCommerce platform API's available we cot effectively integrated into their current ERP system instead of changing to a new ERP system. The solution avoided making too many infrastructure changes at the same time which would have caused delays and business process issues. Further research revealed that their current ERP system wasn’t the issue - it was know-how to integrate to it that was the problem. RANDEM was able to complete this integration.

The re-design of their online presence including the UX and UI gave us a prime ability to have a customer-focused look and feel for customers to navigate the site and products quicker and easier. Being paramount to a strong eCommerce solution.

Case Study Platform
Case Study Platform


RANDEM analysed and drew up the key market segments that were the most profitable for Mega and set about designing and building a new online store that simultaneously answered the core needs of these segments from the ground up on BigCommerce, a best-in-class SaaS eCommerce platform that helps online businesses grow faster. 

We then built a deep custom integration between the eCommerce platform and Mega's ERP in order to keep important product, customer and order data synchronised, and progressively migrated the key historical data from the legacy platforms to the new store. 

Finally, we integrated the new store with the class-leading marketing automation platform and built out detailed customer segmentation, engagement and marketing strategies tailored to each disparate market ready for RANDEM Managed Services to execute.

Martin Bate Working with RANDEM has been the catalyst behind a major transition in my business and we have a great future ahead of us. - Martin Bate -