RANDEM BOPIS / Click & Collect App

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It was built by retailers for retailers. We believe that the sales team in your store should focus on what they’re passionate about and that is servicing their customers and closing sales and leaving the pain of OMS to the people that are specialist in it.

We created an easy to use integrated Click & Collect app that integrates seamless into BigCommerce and provides you with all the
extra needed feature to enable a multi-warehouse multi-inventory/store opportunity.

  • Integrate all your products across all your stores
  • Inventory Management
  • Push your orders down to every store
  • Individual Store Login

RANDEM Subscription App

Better serve your customers by having the best subscription offer in the market.

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  • Customer Profile - My Subscription
  • Manage Subscription Type
  • Customer Profile - My Orders
  • Manage Payment Type
  • Manage Profile - My Products
  • Complete Control Over Your UX/UI of the app
  • Manage - Order Management

RANDEM Hubspot Integration

Better serve your customers by having touchpoint at your fingertips.

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  • My Contacts
  • My Deals
  • My Products
  • My Worfklows
  • My Orders
  • Chat